Friends Change the Way You Live Your Life

on February 1, 2011

Would you agree with it? Do friends could really change the way we live our lives? Well as of me, I do agree that friends could really change our lives. What makes me think so? Perhaps you would be asking that, but you just can't simply change my thoughts. Let's say friends could make your life better or worse depending on how they treat you or how you handle them and treat them. Perhaps it would be like a boomerang effect, what you do to others will all come back at you.

One reason why I have this in mind is because of the lesson I've learned in the past few years when I have this friend of mine. At  first, I never thought we'd became friends since I'm the type of person who usually gets his mouth shut unless one dares to talk with me. Not that I'm not something to be scared of, just that I'm of a quiet person. Then came that friend, talk with and approach me. Til then that day, we became friends, and I've noticed a lot of changes upon me. I became friendly, a bit talkative (LOL) and I've developed a sense of confidence around me. Therefore that's why I could say that friends really could change our lives.

But it also depends upon which type of friend you have. So be careful in choosing one, if you do want your life to be as ideal as mine.


Titia Geertman said...

Friends are important and of today you may call me a friend, because you wrote this lovely lens about friendship which is now in my possession. I promise to take good care of it, the best way I know how.

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sharmila honhaga said...

love it yr really sometimes we all think why we have frnds dats d answer fr all of dem

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