Choosing a Friend

on January 23, 2011

When you want someone to be your friend, perhaps the first to you should do would be knowing him, right? You just won't simply go on having him as a friend unless you know his attitude, his character, his life and anything about him. And these ones are essential for you to get a one good friend. Perhaps looking for a true friend would be somehow difficult to do. Since there have been a lot of pretentious ones around, you should take caution on whom should you pick as one. In choosing a good friend, you must know whether or not this friend has got some good quality in him. A good friend could somehow possess these traits:

Honest and Trustworthy
--Its typically hard to trust these days. And trust is one such thing that builds a friendship. A good friend would be honest and never tell lies on you. Perhaps they may not tell you the truth all the time, but they do try their best to make you feel why they shouldn't.

Thoughtful and Caring
--A good friend would always care for you and be there for you. Although they have their own ways of letting you feel it and you might not notice it at all. No good friend would simply ignore you and go on the world on his own.

Loyal and Supportive
--Loyalty is one such way wherein a good friend shows that he is worth of being keep as a friend. Despite the distance, he would always find ways to talk with you and get in touch with you.Once a friend, always remains a friend.

Learns to Accept you for Who you Are
--Acceptance is something that would be of a major thing in friendship. If a friend accepts you for who and what you are then that would be definitely good. Acceptance simply goes hand in hand with understanding. But at least, try to be worth of accepting.

These are just some of the ways to help you choose the right friend for you. I hope this one helps. Good luck and have a nice day !


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