What's between Friendship and Health

on January 24, 2011

It has been a usual knowledge that friendship is known to greatly enhances one's own sense of happiness and health as well. Though there have been a lot of studies being made that supports the thought that a strong friendship could greatly affect a person's view of life for happiness and his prolonged living. While on the other hand, loneliness and deprivation has been known to cause sickness and could make a person more vulnerable unto sickness and infections as well as death. Even friendship has been called as "behavioral vaccine" by some which could protect one's own physical and mental health as well.

The main reason for this connection between friendship and health is still unknown to everyone. Though there have been lots of potential studies about it, experts still don't know the main reason for this linkage. Well here are some of the presumed connection between friendship and health:

a. A good friend could ensue his friend to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

b. A good friend persuades his friend to seek for help when in need.

c. A good friend enhances his friend's capability to deal with different types of sickness and illness.

d. A good friend influences physiological patterns that are defensive of his own health.

Well, now I guess we can have an overview about the interconnection on friendship and health as well. Being with friends and hanging along with them, doing things together and laughing along with them could greatly enhance your health and develop a sound mind.


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